Modern Pentathlon/Laser Run World Championship 23 Tickets and Dates

Click on the event days below to select your tickets including concessions. Ticket prices start from £5 for children and £5 for adults on Tuesday 22 August (family day). Concession tickets are also available. Day tickets provide all-day access to the event including entertainment and 'come and try' activities (available every day except 23 and 24 August). You can also buy event passes for access throughout all 10 days of the event.

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Sorry, there are no shows for Modern Pentathlon/Laser Run World Championship 23 right now.

More Information about Modern Pentathlon/Laser Run World Championship 23

Q1: Are Laser Run competitors receiving complimentary tickets or do they need to buy one? We can confirm that as part of the competitors' entry fee they will get access to two tickets for the day they are competing - the codes to which will be allocated upon payment of entry fee.

Q2: When will Laser Run schedule and Modern Pentathlon schedule be ready? We have published the days on which the individual and relays will be taking part, but the detailed schedule for the competition each day will be published closer to the event when final entries have been processed. We are being led by the UIPM on this, so we aren't able to give any more information at this time.

Q3: Will coaches / managers be able to access the competition or do they need a ticket? We are waiting on a response from the UIPM regarding coach accreditations. We anticipate there being an allocated number per country/per number of athletes, but cannot confirm what this is at this time.

Q4: Do parents need to buy tickets to watch their child compete at the Laser Run World Championships? Parents will need a ticket to watch their child compete at the Championships. Parents can either purchase a ticket or can use the allocated tickets that their child will receive as part of their entry to the competition.

Q5: Will spectators be able to see the laser run lights from both sides of the track - the diagram shows stadium seating on both sides? Yes. We are planning to have lights on both sides of the targets so spectators in East and West stands will have visibility of the lights.